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Making Prostates Stronger For Over A Decade!
"An ounce of Prevention  
is worth a pound of Cure."
- Benjamin Franklin

After studying nutrition for 20 years I noticed
the same simple cure-alls were mentioned
over and over again. Here is a list of two
decades worth of research, and a few of the
surprisingly simple steps I followed back to
the summit of better health.

The prostate contains hundreds of vessels.
The idea is to keep the vessels clear. If they
become blocked with fats, proteins, or
s, then the immune system is
designed to
clear these pathways.

The immune system can be supported by

using time tested medicines, such as apple
cider vinegar, apricot seeds, and fresh
pomegranate juice.
Small steps toward
better health are usually well worth the
journeying toward a better view.

WATER  Our bodies are about 70%
water, more or less: Healthy cells expand
to take on nutrients then contract to expel
waste. Can you tell when your cells are
dehydrated? If you can, then it's usually
too late! Your cells have already been
dehydrated for 30-60 minutes before you
get thirsty. Cells require constant
nourishment so that it is available right
when the cells are ready to take on the
Water is food for cells. When
cells are not able to up-take nutrient the cell
continues to contract and collapse. When
frequently nourished, immune cells are
stronger to fight off infection! The prostate
works with the bladder and other organs
which all require nutrients, pH balance and
hydration. Most illness is aided by
dehydration and/or nutritional deficiency,
which is often due to acidosis. We
recommend using non-leaching stainless
containers like the "
Klean Kanteen." This
makes it easier to activate your cells first
thing in the morning, throughout the day,
and sip sparingly before bed.

ENZYMES  "Enzymes are substances
that make life possible. They are needed for
every chemical reaction that takes place in
the human body. Increased use of food
enzymes results in a longer, healthier and
more vital life." -- Edward Howell, M.D.

Some rich
enzyme sources are: raw
organic foods, "probiotics" like yogurt and
cottage cheese, raw honey, miso, tempeh,
sprouts, seeds, and nuts. Things which
reduce enzymes are: depleted soil, genetic
engineering, processed foods, pesticides,
irradiation, pasteurization, over cooking,
microwaving, growth hormones, antibiotics,
medications, smoking, toxins and stress!

"Enzymes are crucial to not just living long,
but living well. Adding life to your years, not
just years to your life!"
"The Detox Solution" by Patricia Fitzgerald

KEGELS  Enlarged prostate symptoms
can be frustrating. Help turn this situation
around with a simple exercise: gently tense
the kegel muscle group ten to twenty times
just after urination. These muscles hold
back urine, so it's important to keep them
tuned-up! If pain is experienced, simply
stop and or consult with your physician.

Kegel exercises should feel good.
Sometimes there is a tingly sensation
during Kegels because the prostate is also
getting a massage!  Kegel exercises can
give the prostate a quick power-up of
energizing stimulation, which can be
experienced anytime!

WASHING HANDS Bacteria can
travel from your hands, to your mouth, then
to your prostate! What about antibacterial
soaps and coatings? Chemical soaps kill
good bacteria in the body, which lowers
immune levels. Natural essential oil soaps
Dr. Bronner's are a concentrated
investment in daily health. Pure soaps work
better, because they destroy 99% of fungus
bacteria, viruses, and they support the
immune system.

WASHING TEETH More than meets
the eye... The back of the tongue is the
dirtiest part of the body! This is why
gargling with a little bit of natural tooth
paste, or a rinse is effective. Tartar build up
is excrement from bacteria. Therefore,
keeping the mouth clean helps to keep the
entire body clean on the inside.  

T.M. is referred to as Complementary
Alternative or C.A.M. Sound confusing?
Traditional Medicine is really any medicine
which has been practiced
over thousands of years, like massage.

Traditional Medicines originated from India,
China, Europe, the Americas and all over
the world. They are neither primitive nor
antiquated, in fact Traditional Medicines
are often effective because they have
withstood the greatest test, which is time.
Positive research on hundreds of forms
of Traditional Medicine has already been
it simply needs to be applied!

Examples of Traditional Medicines include:
the practice of Prevention (Watchful Waiting
is not Prevention);
original antibiotics
like garlic, ginger, aloe, clove; healing herbs
oregano, rosemary, basil, cinnamon, mint,
cayenne, tumeric; teas such as Essiac,
Kumbucha, green tea; fresh juice of lemon,
cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate, carrot,
beet, apple cider vinegar; pumpkin,
sunflower and flax seeds; 100% pure
'Miracle Oils' like Rose, Lavender and
Frankincense have amazing healing
properties. Concentrated essential oils
of many plants boost the immune system.
They avoid the "good" bacteria, while 99.9%
of the bad bacteria, fungus, and viruses
are destroyed on contact, hence a 'miracle.'

X-BERRIES? What are all these
specialty drinks about? 100% fresh juice
can be powerful medicine. Raspberry,
blueberry, pomegranate all contain
concentrated oxygen and phyto-nutrients,
which are only found in living foods. Just a
few ounces, a few times per day can help to
balance pH and nourish trillions of cells. If
you are concerned about sugar (and you
should be) then simply dilute with pure
water. Some juices taste better diluted to
a 5:1 ratio or more. This makes them last
longer, which is good because fresh juice is
cheap medicine, and a worthy investment,
but it's still expensive!

GLUTEN What is gluten and why is it
in everything? Gluten is the isolated "glue"
from wheat, corn, or soy. Often it is used
as a cheap protein filler. Could a glue like
substance clog passageways in the
prostate? Avoid gluten by choosing
sprouted breads and other whole grains.

WHAT IS pH? The most basic thing
about growing plants, applies to our cells
as well. Food is like soil for cells, they grow
best with balanced pH. Acidosis is a
precursor to many illnesses including
cancer. Acid imbalance is very common
because acidic foods are often the tastiest:
sugars, teas, coffees, breads, and pastas.
There is pH of food, and there is the body's
reaction to pH. For example, lemon juice is
very acidic, this causes an alkaline reaction
in the body. Examples of alkaline foods are
rice, greens, and water.

BREATH Oxygen is so vital, yet many
people breath only enough to maintain
consciousness! Taking a deep breath feels
good, and it's the fastest way to change
emotional levels.

Emotional Intelligence is taking a deep
breath, or however many it takes, before
reacting. This breaks the action/reaction
cycle, which allows us to choose how to
respond, and live more creatively.

The relaxation response is the opposite
of stress. Healing systems in the body are
only initiated during relaxed states. This
is why prolonged stress lowers immune
function. A meditative state is only twenty
breaths away. Joy is measured as 10 Hertz
alpha brainwaves, which is calm alertness.
The 20+Hz high beta range includes daily
stress, fear,anger, sadness and depression.
Through breathing exercises, it is possible
to feel joyful more often, regardless of life's
challenges. During times of difficulty deep
breathing is even more important.

Everything we think or do increases or
reduces immune levels. The most powerful
invention ever discovered to maintain good
health is the immune system. It is the
body's primary defense against illness.
Therefore, supporting the immune system
should be considered a primary approach
to good health!
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